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KDS offers weekly ballet classes for three levels; preschool, under 7 years and over 7 years. 

For dancers aged 3-5 years old, preschool ballet is a fun introduction to movement and ballet. Students will develop coordination, rhythm and confidence in a fun and nurturing environment.

Classical ballet classes help to develop flexibility, strength, coordination and musicality. Students will learn foundational positions, ballet terminology and choreography in a fun and relaxed environment. 

Proper ballet shoes are recommended, but joggers are OK when dancers are just starting out.

Ballet Timetable

Preschool         11.30 -12. Wednesday

Under 7             4.15 - 5pm - Tuesday

7 to 10 years     5pm - 5.45 - Tuesday 

Want to try a ballet class at our OPEN DAY on Saturday 3rd of February?

Click here to sign up.

ballet dance classes
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