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Irish dancing is a fast-paced, energetic dance form that helps improve balance, posture and coordination. We offer classes from preschool age to adult – it’s never too late to start your Irish dance journey.


Many of our dancers dance for fun, fitness or to make new friends. There are also opportunities to perform, compete and take part in grade exams, all of which are optional.


There is no uniform required and while Irish dance pumps are available for purchase, our preschool and beginner dancers are welcome to wear ballet pumps, jazz shoes or sneakers.

Find out more about our PRESCHOOL and ADULT programs. 

Irish Dance Timetable 


Wednesday     3.30 - 4.15

Thursday         3.30 - 4.15

Saturday.         9.00 - 9.45


Wednesday     4.15.- 5.30

Saturday          9.45 - 10.45


Monday           4.30 - 6.30

Wednesday     4.15 - 5.30

Thursday         4.15 - 6.15

Saturday          10.45 - 12.45

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